The 2016 Kansas Annual Conference Of Veterinarians: Understanding The Pet’s Role In The Family

Becoming a veterinarian is not easy, but what comes after is an even tougher challenge. Hence, the 2016 Kansas Annual Conference of Veterinarians served as an avenue for open discussions on our pet’s importance. Here are my three takeaways from the conference.

Offers Lasting Support

Some animals give support to the family. A good example of this is service animals such as dogs and miniature horses. These animals provide guidance and support to individuals with disabilities.

Also, we refer to dogs as man’s best friend, and yes, they truly are. They give you a sense of ease and companionship. Similarly, the sight of your goldfish swimming can help in relaxation. Your cat begging for your attention can warm your heart.   Loneliness does not become an issue because your animals are often there to listen and standby you.


Encourages Your Child’s Development

A pet can help your child develop several skills and values. As they grow up together with their pets, they learn in the process. Responsibility is one of the essential values they can learn from having a pet. It teaches them to clean up their pet’s mess or to provide them with food and water. At a young age, they learn to take care of others. They also become compassionate of others. By taking care of their pets, they learn to become kind individuals.

Improves The Family’s Health

In researches conducted, having a family pet is often linked to good health. Playing with their pets is proven to lower one’s blood pressure. It leads to a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular diseases. They also promote exercise, as some pets often need time outside for play or walking.

Attending to your pet’s needs also becomes another form of exercise. You will move around from cleaning up to preparing their meals. Cuddling with your pets can positively benefit you. By doing so, you decrease anxiety and stress. They can also become a center of attention for the family. This promotes harmony within the family since your pets become a common interaction for all.


The conference made it clear how our pets are not simply decoration. They have a role in our family, and we should value them. Veterinary is an honorable profession that helps treat and take care of your extra family member. To learn more, make sure to catch their next conference.