The Amazing Furry Benefits Of Pet Therapy For People

Let’s talk about how therapy dogs, and any other pet, for that matter, can help you truly heal with their benefits.

What is it like to have a fur bundle to help you with any problem you might face? Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) or pet therapy uses specially trained animals in enhancing the physical, emotional, and social interaction of patients.

The goal of this animal-assisted intervention treatment is to help people strengthen their confidence, deal with increased risk, discover any anxiety symptoms, and improve their healing processes. The sessions naturally consist of the healthcare professionals or specialists, the pet, the animal handlers, and the patient.

Animal Assisted Therapy is usually used to encourage social interactions and improve the overall well-being of individuals. Before deciding to apply for an animal-assisted treatment program, we must do more research to know what it does. The following are some of the benefits for individuals.

A therapy animal can help adults to move more, stretch farther, and exercise longer. Dogs are one of the most common therapy animals. Stroke survivors, military veterans, residents of the same facility, or persons with an injury can take significant amount advantage of pet therapy.

The perks of a human-animal bond include giving comfort and motivation to the survivors for their faster recovery. A dog who is trained for treatment purposes can aid stroke survivors with their stroke recovery programs and exercises like walking.

These other animals can also help them with some simple animal-assisted activities. Brushing the dog’s fur with the help of the animal’s handler, feeding the furry friend, and snapping the dog’s leash is some example of the things that they can do together. These obedience training exercises can become their physical therapy, assist in decreasing spasticity, and increase motor skills recovery. Not just for stroke survivors but these activities can become a physical treatment for everyone.

Pet therapy programs are known to offer a range of physical and mental health benefits. These include reducing blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health, and lowering anxiety. Trained animals have a cheering and calming effect on individuals, which is why many nursing homes and hospitals now incorporate Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) programs. Additionally, AAT encourages individuals to engage in verbal communication more often.

Animal Therapy Benefits

There are also benefits of pet therapy programs for children, as it helps them to overcome any speech disorders. Animals are trained well to help individuals with mental illnesses and other mental health conditions such as Alzheimer’s, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and individuals with autism.

One study of healthcare providers showed that a person with Alzheimer’s who is interested in and interacts with service dogs had increased his recounting memories, especially if they’re in a senior living community. It also helped him improve the quality of how they live their lives. Some may not believe that animals are good companions in this manner, but science has proven it as such.

Therapy With Animals Provides Psychological And Physiological Help

More research also has shown that the use of animal assisted therapy for individuals from different age groups can decrease their stress levels in healthcare settings. It can also help in reducing your anger and aggravation, decrease hostility toward yourself, and improve social relations and verbal communication among family members and other patients. Other benefits of a therapy program include reducing your heart rate and releasing beta-endorphins, enhancing self-esteem, and trust in others for the individual.

Service animals provide many perks. Any type of animal such as dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, dolphins, fish, and others is typically used for something called animal-assisted therapy. Depending on what animal is needed, focus treatments can take place in a hospital, institution, or even at your own home. Although an instructional course is not needed, it is essential that the animal and the client are compatible with each other to promote social interaction or improve social skills. Also, it is necessary to check if the client has animal allergies. It will be a disastrous session in case the client has cat fur issues and the service animal to be used, well you guessed it, is a cat!

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Dealing With Chronic Diseases And Conditions


The moment you are diagnosed with a chronic ailment, you know for a fact that you will embark on a major change. Starting from simple daily choices to considering its ill effects in other aspects of your life and functioning. For example, diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, chronic kidney diseases requiring dialysis, stroke or conditions like amputation require lifestyle modifications and monitoring. In order to control the signs and symptoms, you must adhere to the treatment regimen which includes but are not limited to frequent check-up to your physician or specialist, diet and activity modification and adherence to a medication regimen.…

The Positive Effects Of Animal Therapy On Autism

About Animal Therapy


The use of animals for the cure and recovery of adults, children and seniors have become rampant across the globe for the past few years. It involves the use of dogs, horses, cats, rabbits and other animals to assist in the therapy of patients with different mental and physical conditions.

The principle of animal therapy is based on the fact that most people who have pets are relatively happier and less depressed amidst their daily challenges. Thus, animal-assisted therapy was born. The general benefits that have been reported so far include reduced depression and loneliness, better moods, increased ability to interact socially, promotes relaxation and good sleeping habits, and enhanced attention skills. Before continuing to read on, keep in mind that this type of therapy has been around a long time, unlike therapy options like online therapy; which is why some companies offer it free as mentioned here in this article.…

How Can Dolphin Therapy Help You

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) or pet therapy is a growing field that uses the help of animals to provide comfort and enjoyment. The animals can assist a person recover, or better cope with health problems such as heart disease, cancer, and mental disorders (e.g. people with depression, anxiety, and/or anger issues). And it’s not only the ill person that reaps the benefit of this therapy, but the family members as well. Before you continue reading about this form of therapy, keep in mind that there are benefits to using other forms of therapy that can help as well like in-person or online therapy sessions.…

Health Care For Teens: Know How To Take Care Of You




Sometimes as teens, you’re not used to noticing what your body is trying to tell you. You’re used to going about your life in school with friends and dealing with teen issues. Your parents take care of your health, right?


However, you may want to deal with your sexual and reproductive health. It is natural for most teens like you to feel shy, anxious (more about that here: or even ignorant about your own health. But here’s the news – you don’t have to be. Your parents can guide and support you in finding information and being with you in your journey. Nevertheless, you can still take the wheel and care for your body yourself.


Knowing your Body



Caring for your body begins with being aware of the changes that happen along the way. There are several ways of doing this, and one of the ways is through online research. You are very oriented with the web so why don’t you use it to get to know your body better? Learn the stages of puberty and the changes that occur, and assess yourself if the changes have happened to you.


School teachers and counselors also play a vital role in educating you about the different systems of your body, particularly the reproductive system where you will most likely want to take control of. They are there to answer your questions and clarify things that you are curious or confused about. They can also refer you to facilities that you can visit for your health concerns. If you are still uncomfortable with talking to your school staff, you can again check for centers online and choose between several places and specialty clinics you can go.


Some of the services offered by clinics for the youth are:

  • Birth control
  • Gynecological
  • HIV and sexually transmitted disease testing, education, and counseling
  • Abortion
  • Prenatal care
  • Pregnancy testing and counseling


If you and your parents (or your mom) are close and open to each other, you can always have them accompany you in visiting the clinic of your choice. You don’t have to be pregnant to be there. You just have to be a teen or an individual who needs to know more about his or her sexual health. If not for that, you do have to practice seeing your primary provider every year to have your blood pressure, weight, mental and physical state and other medical healthcare concerns tested.


Healthcare is for Everybody



It is important to know that medical and health care is not limited to straight men and women. Whether you are gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual, you have the right to have yourself taken care of. Find clinics that you are comfortable going to – those that do not aggravate your anxiety but rather reduce the tension and uneasiness.


Programs for You


You probably don’t have your own insurance because you are usually supplementary to your parents’ insurance programs. However, there are public programs you should know about that can provide healthcare coverage for low and middle-class families.


CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program). If you’re under 19, you can definitely take advantage of this program. Funded by the federal government, the CHIP has been helping parents with moderate incomes to provide medical care for their children despite their economic situation. There are actually different CHIP rules for different states, so it would do you well to study the rules that apply to your state.


Medicaid. Funded by both the state and the federal government, Medicaid covers for parents with low incomes, pregnant women, and children who are U.S. immigrants or citizens.


Private Insurance. When the Affordable Care Act was officially established, most private insurance companies now provide health coverage for parents and kids and offer the same benefits as Medicaid and CHIP.


Healthcare is Wealth


Healthcare should start early. You shouldn’t have to be oblivious to the physiological and psychological things that are happening to you. Learn how to take care of your body and starting today, make your health your priority.…

Mental Health America


Although there seems to be a stigma attached to mental health issues, there is a lot more open conversation and acknowledgment of these issues.  More people than not are meeting with therapists or social workers and are seeking out psychiatrists and alternative therapies in order to treat the symptoms.  Mental Health America is a great resource for anyone in need of mental health services; which is why online therapy provider BetterHelp supports them.…

Sports Psychology And Its Impact On Athlete Performance


Watching sports competition and keeping an eye on Michael Phelps, Serena Williams or Manny Pacquiao makes us wonder what makes these individuals so exceptional and incredible. Are they an enormous kind of being when they were born? They even represent superheroes with such extraordinary powers to beat their opponents with just a blink of an eye. The thought of going to the gym already drains our energy and thinking about jogging or adhering to a strict diet plan is already very challenging and tiring for us. This takes us to search for an answer what keeps them motivated and disciplined. Does it seem easier for them than on how we perceive the difficulties that come with it?…

American Heart Association – NFL Play 60


Whenever you go out and about these days, children of all ages are on screens.  They are either on a smartphone or a tablet, playing games or watching videos.  Parks are not as crowded as they used to be and everyone is looking for free wifi.  It is a sad state of affairs.  One non-profit organization is trying to reverse this trend.  That is the American Heart Association in conjunction with the NFL and it is the NFL Play 60 initiative.…