5 Amazing Ways Couples Affect Each Other’s Physical Health

Couples spend a vast amount of time together, and whether they like it or not, they influence each other’s lives in complex ways that they may not even be aware of. Built on the many years of togetherness, not only a couple’s emotional health becomes intertwined, but also their physical health.


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Here are 5 ways by which they unknowingly affect each other’s physical conditions:


Physical Health Of Couples Become More Similar Over Time

It is shown in couples when one gets sick and the other, though not really ill, feels the weight of the illness, too. On the other hand, when one works towards healthy eating, the other is more likely to strive also for the same. Couples demonstrate a distinct resemblance not only by looks but by their physical health.


Couples eat almost the same food and sleep at nearly the same time. Hence, their body clocks become alike. They also get exposed to the same kinds of physical environments and go through the same emotional phases together. It keeps the couple united and the relationship tighter.


Mortality rates are generally lower for married couples across various illnesses

Studies have associated marriage with lower risks of chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular sickness, and respiratory complications. There have also been cases wherein chances of survival from cancer are higher with strong support system from marriage.


Likewise, according to studies, being in happily married relationships boosts the chances of a long life. Husbands and wives are 10-15% less likely to die prematurely compared to the rest of the population as a whole. While having a spouse is not the one-way ticket to healing, having a companion through both health and sickness really makes a difference.


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Couples Are More Likely To Withstand Physical Pain When They See Or Touch Their Partners

Studies say that just by the mere sight of each other’s presence, cardiorespiratory and brainwaves of the couple come in harmony. During one study, the woman was subjected to pain, and when the man couldn’t touch her, the synchronization faltered, and the pain was heightened. But the moment he held her again, heart rates went into harmony again, and feelings of pain declined.


Touch became an expression of empathy and oneness in both happiness and pain. There was something about feeling the pain, but it was different knowing there’s somebody who will keep the company.


Relationship satisfaction has something to do with the time couples sleep and wake together

When couples experience temporary separation, they feel heightened levels of attachment anxiety especially when they are about to sleep. After they have been very familiar with the feeling of sleeping next to their partners, they feel empty and lonely when being apart.


Apparently, the similarity in the sleep and wake times of couples influence their level of satisfaction in the relationship. Those couples with mismatched sleep and wake patterns showed worse sleep quality and a higher risk of sleep disorders. That’s why it is very important for couples to plan their sleeping routines too.


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Weight Loss Is Easier Achieved By Couples Through The Ripple Effect

When weight loss plans are done by one, this unintentionally affects the diet plans of the other. Thereby, it brings positive effects to the couple as a whole. This is called the ripple effect.


The choice to eat healthier food, the drive to get up and workout in the gym and all behavioral changes of one spouse bring both challenge, encouragement, and motivation to the other. It would ultimately lead the couple to healthier lifestyles. This accountability between the couple works its wonders, especially when maintaining consistency regarding their health plans.


The wonderful thing about a relationship is having to do things together and grow together in the process. Whether they like it or not, couples do permeate each other’s lives even to the extent of their physical health. It is a precious gift that couples need to protect, flourish, and value if they are to create stronger and long-lasting relationships.