Facebook Support Groups


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Sometimes, when you have certain issues or feelings that you aren’t comfortable sharing with friends or family, a stranger’s chat may seem like a viable option for you.  Connecting with people who don’t know you but, perhaps, have similar issues or feelings may be the perfect match.  Facebook has some great support groups that may be perfect for your situation.


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Facebook is a well-known, widely used social media outlet.  Millions of people access it every single day.  People who utilize Facebook come from many different backgrounds, education levels, have had diverse experiences. It is an unbelievably rich source of resources.  Many of the people in support groups may not have a professional background in dealing with specific issues or feelings, but people who have gone through similar situations can be the best people to seek out and get support from.  Who better to turn to than someone who has walked in similar shoes and has been successful?



As with any other online search, you can go into Facebook and type in a group that you are interested in.  You can type in introvert support group, depression support group, diet support group…just to name a few.  There will most likely be a list of groups that you can choose from.  You can click on each group and get an idea of what type of support/feedback they offer.  Most groups are private, meaning you have to request to join the group.  Only people within the group can see anything you post.  That added level of privacy could be a huge selling point for these groups.

When you join a group, you can choose to be an observer or a participant.  You can read posts and responses for a while to see if it is a group that you feel a connection with.  You can always opt-out of the group if you find that it isn’t what you are looking for.  Also, if you aren’t comfortable commenting or posting, you can read the posts and comments of others and may find the answers and ideas that you need.



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There are many professionals, experts, authors, and the likes that have Facebook pages that you can follow, but you do not have to join.  They offer advice, links, videos, book titles, and more that can be very helpful.  The only drawback to these pages is that they are not private, so the general public can see any comments you make.  If that doesn’t bother you, then, this can be another great option.  This option may also be good for you because you don’t have to comment, and you can just be a silent observer.  Use the ideas that work for you and not leave any comments or likes.  Used that way, this can also guard your privacy.



If you feel that joining private Facebook groups still doesn’t give you enough privacy, there is another option.  You can open a separate Facebook account that you will only use for joining Facebook groups.  In this account, you can limit friends to those within the groups or leave the account friend-free.  You may have to choose to friend several people in order to get permission to join groups.  When you request to join a group, the group leader may look at your account and see that you have no friends, which may lead them to deny your request.  Many things to think about ….set up your accounts and join groups that are within your comfort zone.