Terms of Use


Terms of Use


In line with the usage of our website, we urge you to read and understand the following Terms of Use provided by the website and the company itself. These conditions will be your guideline to a more productive, correct, enjoyable, and peaceful way of exploring what our site offers as well as what you can provide to our website.


The Users

The users of this site must be 13 years of age and above as there might be contents and services not suitable to very young users. We highly encourage every user to put the correct information in the forms that you are about to fill out. Failure to put accurate information may be subject to legal actions provided by the policies and the laws of the company.


Your Content

Under these Terms of Use, “Your Content” shall refer to any audio, text, video, article, images, or any similar material you post and share on this website. By displaying these contents, you are allowing our site to use, reproduce, translate, publish, and distribute it worldwide to any media types with an irrevocable, non-exclusive, sub-licensable license.


Please be sure that the content that you are going to share is your own and will not in any way invade a third party’s policies or rights. Through this Terms of Use, you are allowing our site and the company to remove any content that will invade third-party rights. Removal of content can be with or without notice.


Termination and Liabilities

The website, company, or suppliers shall in no event have the liability to you or any third party for any loss of profit or data. Usage of the website and limitation of exploring services are subject to your own risk and discretion. You will be solely responsible if there will be any damages to your device or computer as well as the loss of your content.


Your account is subject for termination if you invade any third-party policy or rights. Another reason for termination is if you will commit through your account unauthorized activities that disobey the regulations on the appropriate use of our site.